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FIGO Council ‘highlights’

Par International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics

On behalf of the FIGO Trustees, I would like to update you on the ‘highlights’ from our recent second virtual FIGO Council meeting, which took place on 6-7 August 2020.

Attendance was high with the vast majority of our Council members and Committee and Working Group Chairs able to join us, alongside our other valuable contributors, such as FIGO’s Regional Federation representatives.

On Day 1, FIGO presented updates on its new webinars, Committee and Working Group guidance, the new FIGO Strategic Plan and FIGO current project activity.

On Day 2, FIGO outlined new and potential project ideas, informed on the recruitment process for the new IJGO Editor and presented financial updates.

Council highlights: 6-7 August 2020

‘Help for Lebanon’ – FIGO on standby with expertise and support

FIGO extends its sympathies to Lebanon in the light of the great humanitarian tragedy unfolding. It has asked Dr Faysal El Kak (Lebanon), in his position as FIGO Vice President and Trustee, to head up a FIGO response group/taskforce focusing on areas such as technical expertise/guidelines (especially in the ongoing treatment of COVID-19) and advocacy/communications.


FIGO unveils brand new Strategic Plan

FIGO’s new Strategic Plan has incorporated and refined valuable input from the Strategic Plan Taskforce Committee. Of particular importance are the four pillars of FIGO: education, research, advocacy and capacity-building. FIGO’s main areas of focus will be broad, and will cover the life course from conception to older age, including pregnant and non-pregnant women, their newborns and their families.

A fresh approach for Committees and Working Groups

FIGO has presented a new structure and direction for FIGO Committees and Working Groups. The Committees and Working Groups are considered to be - along with FIGO projects - the ‘workhorse/engine room’ of the organisation. They must work closely with the FIGO project teams to develop ideas and implement collaborative activities/connections.


New ‘FiGonars’ receive huge acclaim   

FIGO is currently achieving huge success with its new webinars - ‘FiGonars’ - the aims of which are fourfold: to contribute to COVID-19 education, provide online professional development, reach out to FIGO member societies and maintain FIGO as the global voice for women’s health. FIGO strongly encourages you to join the online events: more details can be found at:

IJGO appoints new Editor in Chief

The selection process for a new IJGO Editor is in place. FIGO would like to place on record its sincere thanks to Dr Richard Adanu, current Editor in Chief, for his superb, conscientious stewardship since 2014.

FIGO sets exciting new communications agenda 

A new ‘Head of Communications and Engagement’ will help facilitate the relations between members, global partners and other stakeholders. FIGO now has plans for a Proposed Consortium of Education, Communication and Advocacy, and we will update on this over the next few months.

FIGO continues to improve communication with societies

FIGO is delighted to announce that its communication with member societies is constantly improving, mostly as a result of personalised email contact with Presidents. Societies are encouraged to cascade down to their members any relevant FIGO communications they consider appropriate.


FIGO ‘goes hybrid’ for Kigali Congress and on track for Sydney 2021 success

A hybrid Regional Congress will be held in Kigali (13-15 December 2020). The FIGO 2021 World Congress in Sydney will also likely be a hybrid event, but all options are being carefully considered in the light of the ever changing world of COVID-19. Notwithstanding the challenges involved, there is much enthusiasm within FIGO about the concept of hybrid/virtual events. Organisations such as ours need to be highly responsive and adaptive in these unsettling times.


FIGO builds on success of current projects

Additional potential collaborative projects and concepts in progress are currently being discussed, and FIGO realises the importance of approaching donors in an ‘agenda setting’ manner. New priority areas will include cervical cancer prevention, respectful maternity care and recognising the impact of environmental exposures on the health of women and children.


New FIGO Honorary Treasurer takes the helm

FIGO is delighted to welcome back a former Honorary Treasurer, Dr Ralph Hale, to the current Treasurer post! He has stepped in to replace Associate Professor Dr Christine Tippett (who had to retire on health grounds). Ralph is highly experienced and is already taking FIGO finance issues forward in a robust manner.

FIGO in good financial health

FIGO is pleased to report that it is in a good and stable financial position for 2020 and hopefully beyond. It remains dedicated to the work of its member societies, donating substantial funds to a number of FIGO national societies for project activity; it owns its London HQ and it has financial reserves in place, which could be used in the unlikely event of a Congress failure (FIGO’s surplus profits from the World Congress support the organisation for the following two years). With society membership, IJGO and project revenues remaining steady, FIGO is in a good position to weather any storms ahead.


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