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Call for collaboration from the Belgian Society for Infectiology and Clinical Microbiology (BVIKM-SBIMC)

Subject: Call for candidates to join the IGGI working group on surgical prophylaxis.

To whom it may concern,

The Belgian Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (BVIKM-SBIMC) recently (2017) produced a new, online Belgian infectious disease guidebook entitled: IGGI (Infectiologiegids - Guide d’infectiologie). It provides information on the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and needs to be updated on a regular basis.

Therefore, the BVIKM-SBIMC has recently identified working groups to review and revise the current guidebook. One of the working groups recently created deals with “Surgical Prophylaxis” and will be headed by prof. dr. Jan DE WAELE, surgical intensivist at the Ghent University Hospital, and prof. dr. Maya HITES, infectious diseases specialist at the Erasmus Hospital in Brussels.

The main objective of the working group is to revise and to update the chapter on surgical prophylaxis for September 2019. In order to produce Belgian guidelines that will be followed by the greatest number of clinicians, we believe that we need to get the clinicians who will be using these guidelines involved. Because surgical prophylaxis concerns many disciplines, we would like to involve a representative from all relevant disciplines in the reviewing process. Therefore we are reaching out to the different Belgian medical scientific societies and would like to ask them to identify one senior and one junior representative to assist us with this revision.

The intention is to have a first meeting (online conference) in February 2019 in order to present the work that must be completed, and to discuss the methodology to be used. Furthermore, a clear timeline of tasks to be performed will be presented. Because a chapter already exists on surgical prophylaxis, the working group participants will be asked to use this chapter as a starting point. If a certain subject is not yet covered, but deemed important, it can be added to the chapter. Each reviewed section must be done in both French and Flemish.

A second, mandatory, whole day meeting (place still to be determined) will take place on either the 16th or the 21st of May 2019. All members of the working group will present the revisions/suggestions to be made, and these suggestions will be discussed (in order to arrive to a consensus) in a plenary session. Because the final revisions need to be finished by September 2019, the members of the working group will have until the end of July 2019 to make “corrections” or further adaptations of their texts.

To conclude, the BVIKM-SBIMC is looking for motivated and interested clinicians who would like to take an active role in revising the IGGI guidelines on surgical prophylaxis. All interested parties are kindly requested to send as soon as possible (preferentially before February 15th 2019) a short letter of motivation and a curriculum vitae to Jan DE WAELE ( and Maya HITES ( Candidates will be selected rapidly and informed by the end of January 2019.

Looking forward to an interesting and fruitful collaboration with our kindest regards,

Prof Dr Dirk VOGELAERS                      Prof Dr Denis PIERARD
President BVIKM-SBIMC                        Vice-President BVIKM-SBIMC

Prof Dr Jan DE WAELE                           Prof Dr Maya HITES


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