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FIGO Latest news - November 2018

By International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics

Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

With Latin American hospitality, a cutting-edge scientific programme and amazing presenters who spoke from the heart, there was much to celebrate at our recent World Congress in Brazil. This month's updates include:

FIGO's New President
New Vice President

New President-Elect
Hello Doctors
FIGO Global Declarations
World Diabetes Day
Postpartum IUD in Bangladesh
C-section epidemic
Latest IJGO articles

Congratulations to Dr Carlos Fuchtner of Bolivia, who was elected FIGO's President. He is ably supported by a new team of Officers, each committed to FIGO's vision of a world where women achieve the highest possible standards of physical, mental and reproductive health.

FIGO has made many changes over the past year. With 132 member societies around the world, our role is not only as experts, but as advocates. We work closely with our partners and stakeholders to influence global, national and regional change.

I have just returned from Senegal, where I met health ministers from many African countries, listening and learning more about the challenges faced - much remains to be done. I am proud of FIGO's partnerships and initiatives, which play a critical part: from post-partum contraception (PPIUD) in six countries to obstetric fistula surgery training, together we are making a difference.

Making a difference is what matters the most!

Johan Vos,
Chief Executive 


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